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Welcome to Nightmare Warriors

Hello there! I am Earth11221, Leader of the Nightmare Warriors along side Neos. Our job is to defend cp through scaryness and defeat all harm that comes toward us!

Hi Im Drigo2 and Im your co leader and I will do best to be as good as I can to be the best co leader ever and Ill try to lead this army to medium or even large!

Hello, I am Neos, one of your leaders. I joined this army because I want to truly test my abilities to lead. I am currently a master general in ACP, and a leader in UMA. I hope to get this army to become a medium sized, feared, nightmare.

Hi, I’m your Nyx of the Night, more commonly known as third in command or 3IC, Kieranfb. I’m gonna help this army get going and we will OWN the other armies.

Oh and lol, on another note,


Hello, I’m Firemanhg A Nightmare warriors co-leader and I will stay active as much as I can, I wanna help this army get big and powerful, And help lead us to victory!

Also, Happy Halloween! 😮


These are all of our main Leaders. We also have Ben Quincy who is leader of DCP working for us!